Institute Code- EN6313

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Department of Computer Engineering
This course introduces the basic concepts of electrical and computer engineering through project work and problem-solving exercises. This engineering stream teaches about the design &maintenance of computer system.

Main emphasis is on computer algorithms, visual programming, problem solving using computer applications and computer aided drawing.

This is an introductory course on the architecture & organization of modern processors, with emphasis on pipelined RISC machines; gain understanding of the design of the memory subsystem, I/O, and system level interconnect; become proficient in the use of tools such as VIDL and Simple Scalar for the description, simulation and verification of architectural designs.

The aim of this course is to make the students aware of different data types and data structure such as lists, trees and graphs and associated algorithms. In computer engineering, controlling the real world is a primary requirement which needs to be based on the sensed information. In sensing and controlling the controller (computer or similar device) should be connected to sensors and actuators which needs an interfacing circuitry. This course provides the necessary knowledge on types of interfaces and related communication methods.

The aim of this course unit is to educate students in the basic concepts and components of operating systems and the trade-offs between conflicting objectives faced by the operating systems in efficiently supporting a wide range of applications.
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