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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers apply the principles of mechanics and energy for the design of machines and devices. Mechanical engineers are involved with the design of structures, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.
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Department of Computer Engineering
This course introduces the basic concepts of electrical and computer engineering through project work and problem-solving exercises. This engineering stream teaches about the design &maintenance of computer system.
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Department of Electronics &
Telecommunication Engineering
The availability of affordable means of communication has been one of electronics' greatest contributions to human society. The telephone, radio, Satellite communications, the internet, mobile phones each new development has revolutionized the way we live and the way we think about our world.
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Department of Electrical Engineering
The hard core focus is on the development of the expertise in the areas of basic electrical, electrical machines, digital electronics, information technology, harmonics, energy management and control.
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Department of Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering Department provides all the facilities required to study and understand construction with an eye on environmental friendliness.
Civil Engineering, the mother branch, has with the rapid growth in the field of technology. It is that branch of engineering which provides basic amenities required for the survival and maintenance of the environment.
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